Prepreg tooling system

PRF Composite Materials has developed a new prepreg tooling system.

According to the company, Q.tool can reduced the time and costs of tool manufacture. It uses a RP800 epoxy tooling system and 1020g/m2 bulk plies which replaces the 1:8:1 system in both weight and thickness, and reduces the number of debulks to as few as one. The increased speed in lay up and reduced number of debulks provides an estimated cost/labour saving of up to 50%, PRF said.

“We have developed this innovative system to not only be a more cost-effective tooling solution, but to also provide an unrivalled surface finish due to its unique design,” said Robert Burnell, CEO. “We are developing all of our prepreg systems with sustainability in mind, with this system working to dramatically reduce consumable plastic when processed.”