New recycled carbon prepreg

UK materialist specialist PRF Composite Materials has developed a new prepreg made with recycled chopped carbon fiber mat.

According to the company, its Reepreg material is drapeable without falling apart when used, making it unlike other recycled mats.

While the mat itself made using recycled carbon prepreg waste, finished components, including scrap from trimming components, will also be recyclable, PRF said.

Reepreg will be available in combination with our component prepreg resin systems and in standard weights of 100gsm, 200gsm and 300gsm. The material can be processed in autoclave and press, and can be used as a core material in conjunction with the company’s woven and uni-directional (UD) prepreg materials.

“Whilst we recognise the contribution that biomaterials may make in the future of composites, at PRF we believe that we can do more by finding ways to improve the circularity of traditional composite materials; improving their sustainability whilst retaining their superior composite properties,” said Robert Burnell, CEO. “As such, we will continue to invest in product development, where we can improve manufacturing and processing, save energy and reduce plastic and other waste materials.”