Solvay has developed a light tack surfacing film for paintable composite body panels.

SolvaLite SF200 has a curing time of less than 10 minutes at 150 °C and is compatible with autoclave curing, the company said. It reportedly has a longer outlife than previous surface films and has good adhesion to automotive paints and primers.

“Our new SolvaLite SF200 Surfacing Film lends prepreg layups for high-class automotive body panels a very smooth cured surface where impeccable flatness is an indispensable prerequisite for painting,” said Dan Eskelsen, head of Solvay’s composites business unit.  

The film can be supplied with the company’s range of SolvaLite 714 Prepregs available in a range of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced and woven-fabric formats for automotive and other high-volume press-cure applications.