Improved prepreg system

Nexx Technologies, a subsiary of Mitsubishi, has developed a new prepreg with a longer shelf life.

Enduredge NTC-425 Cyanate Ester System has an out time of 90-100 days at 75⁰F, making it possible for engineers to construct and assemble large-scale structures before the prepreg reaches the end of its processing shelf life, according to Nexx. Parts production using out of autoclave processing (OOA) is also possible without the need for debulks or curing processes, the company said.

The prepreg also features Z-directional engineered air release channels and can be initially cured at 275⁰F (121⁰C), providing improved dimensional stability for the parts to then be post-cured off tool. After post cure the material reaches a final glass transition temperature of 425⁰F (200°C) Nexx said.

The prepreg is reportedly available with carbon fiber fabrics, glass fiber, quartz and unidirectional tapes.