New component prepreg

Composites Evolution has developed a prepreg for laminates up to 50 mm thick for use in component manufacture.

Evopreg EPC205 can reportedly be cured in a single shot using a conventional autoclave or press curing technique, with a low risk of exotherms.

The prepreg can be used in a variety of markets and applications, including inserts, furniture, sporting goods, sculptures, and structural repairs.

“Historically, composite inserts have been laminated in flat sheets, bonded together to create thick laminates, and then machined to the necessary surface profile,” said technical specialist Roger Elliott. “Using EPC205, thick laminates can be laminated over contoured molds to the desired thickness and cured in a single shot cure […] inserts can [also] be designed with the optimum shape, thickness and composite structure, as well as providing a solid laminate for attachments and mechanical fasteners. This process results in a decrease in production time and cost as well as an improvement in the mechanical properties of the insert because bond lines are eliminated.”