Composites UK appoints new chairman

Composites UK has named Alan Banks, lightweight structures supervisor at Ford, as its new chairman.

Banks’ role at Ford is to lead projects with light-weighting technologies and applications in design with mass production capability. This includes material choices from advanced steel to full composite structures, including hybrid technology to produce the best value for automotive applications.

Previously, he was the team leader on the Composite Lightweight Automotive Suspension System (CLASS) project, which won the JEC World Automotive Application Innovation category in 2018. Banks joined the Composites UK Board in 2020 and will hold the position of chairman until 2024.

“I am really looking forward to tackling the challenges we all face in a drive for sustainability and net-zero CO2 to make a significant contribution to the health of the planet,” said Banks. “Composites will make a substantial contribution towards this goal and with the technology we have in the UK and the global reputation that the UK has, the future is really bright.

“I […] want Composites UK to lead and drive the LCA [life cycle analysis] discussion and to laser focus on the opportunities we have within the glass fiber industry,” he added. “Glass has already become and will continue to grow into an important arena to help on our path to sustainability.”

Banks replaces John Toner, VP of Teledyne CML Composites.

“On behalf of the Board and the Executive Team, I would like to thank John for the huge contribution he has made to Composites UK,” said David Bailey, Composites UK CEO. “During his tenure as Chair, John has guided the development of a new five-year strategy for Composites UK and has championed sustainability as a key priority for our industry.”