COMPOSITES EUROPE 2010 demonstrates potential of reinforced plastics

COMPOSITES EUROPE will feature demonstrations of products and processes.
COMPOSITES EUROPE will feature demonstrations of products and processes.

More than 300 international exhibitors are expected at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2010 – from suppliers of raw materials, machines or equipment for the composites industry, to components and products for the application industries.

A large number of key players have registered their participation, among them Huntsman, Zoltek, 3B Fibreglass, Dassault, Pultrex or KraussMaffei. For the first time, Europe’s largest supplier of carbon fibres Toho Tenax will exhibit at COMPOSITES EUROPE, as well as BASF, Johns Manville, KTM-Technologies from Austria, as well as Scott Bader and Advanced Composites Group (ACG) from the UK.

The Product Demonstration Area

Whether lightweight trailer, jet ski or innovative air-cushioned explosion door, with its Product Demonstration Area, COMPOSITES EUROPE will once again create a special visitor attraction. Together with the exhibitors, this dedicated area will demonstrate the potential and the innovative character of composite materials. The Product Demonstration Area is located in the centre of Hall 10/11 at the heart of the COMPOSITES EUROPE.

Here, KTM will display the X-Bow, the first car developed by the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer. The basis of the 240 hp sports car is a monocoque of carbon fibre composites. KraussMaffei Technologies from Germany will present a jet ski with components produced in a long fibre injection process. RH Schneidtechnik will show its hand-held electric cutters for the processing of fibreglass and carbon. Dassault will inform visitors about simulation techniques.

Besides innovative products, exhibitors will present production processes and measurement methods. For example, the Euro-RTM-Group of the AVK (the German federation of reinforced plastics) will demonstrate demoulding processes.


Technical principles, trends and innovations in an international lecture forum – the COMPOSITES EUROPE trade fair will again present specialist presentations on current topics relevant to the industry. With the assistance of Reinforced Plastics, the COMPOSITES Forum will focus on all areas of composite applications. In topic specific workshops and exhibitor presentations, visitors will be presented with basics, trends and innovations.

For visitors, access to the presentations is free of charge.

Change of venue in 2012

This year COMPOSITES EUROPE will be held in Essen for the last time. From 2012, COMPOSITES EUROPE will change its venue, moving from Essen to the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre – together with ALUMINIUM World Trade Fair. Up to now, COMPOSITES EUROPE alternated between Essen and Stuttgart every year; after 2010 it will be staged alternately in Stuttgart (2011) and Düsseldorf (2012).

Further information

COMPOSITES EUROPE is organised by Reed Exhibitions in cooperation with the European industry association EuCIA and Reinforced Plastics magazine. From the beginning, COMPOSITES EUROPE has also had the support of AVK, the German federation of reinforced plastics. On 13-14 September the International AVK Convention, with approximately 500 delegates, will again mark the start of the fair.