The European GRP market – by country

The figures in the following charts are taken from the German federation of reinforced plastics AVK's 2012 market survey of the European GRP market.

Map of Europe. (Picture used under license from © ildogesto.)
Map of Europe. (Picture used under license from © ildogesto.)

European composites production by country/region

Compared to 2011, the AVK predicts that the production of glass reinforced plastics (GRP) in Europe will fall by approximately 4% to 1.01 million tonnes this year.

Following two years of growth in 2010 and 2011, this figure seems to indicate a slowdown in the market, but a more detailed look at the statistics reveal this is not the case in all countries.

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In the following charts:

  • All volumes are in thousands of tonnes.
  • 2012* = estimate
  • Eastern Europe** = Poland, Czech Republic, Humgary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia
  • Turkey*** = source Turkish Composites Manufacturers Association (TCMA). Approx. 10% (short fibre reinforced plastics) has been deducted from the total volume in 2011 to aid comparison with other countries.