Industrial grade surface veil for composites

Ilium Composites, which makes glass fiber structural composite reinforcements, has developed an industrial grade polyester surface veil.

According to the company, the thermobonded veil has an improved surface finish and increased chemical and corrosion resistance.

Amplify is offered in 30g/m2 and 60g/m2 formats, as well as in full rolls up to 2540 mm wide, for use as a standalone product or mechanically bonded for integration with the company’s composite reinforcements for closed mold, open mold and pultrusion processes.

Ilium says that the veil can be used to create an aesthetic finish to boat hulls and surfaces by reducing the appearance of glass fibres on the gelcoat. It is compatible with a broad matrix selection and has an open structure allowing ease of resin flow. In wet applications, the veil can provides a stronger resistance to blistering and moisture ingress due to its resin rich layer and  strong fiber bond against the gelcoat. In addition, Amplify provides corrosion protection to pultruded composite parts such as ladders and hand railings used in harsh-chemical environments, Ilium said.