Liz Nickels

Sicomin appoints Swedish distributor

Sicomin has named DockYard Composites as its new Swedish distributor.

Airtech’s resins qualified for use in 3D printing

Airtech has partnered with 3D printer manufacturer CEAD to qualified its Dahltram resins for use on all of  CEAD’s Flexbot additive manufacturing (AM) machines.

BASF expands PA production

BASF has announced plans to expand its polyamide (PA) 6.6 production in Freiburg, Germany, beginning in 2022

Sustainable carbon fiber mast

Hexcel has completed its build of a 34m carbon fiber prepreg mast at a French shipyard.

Large-scale biobased resin infusion

Sicomin says that its bio-based epoxy infusion resin has been used for the infusion of a yacht hull – one of the largest structures to be infused with bio-resins to date.

Composite Industry

Promoting composites in wind turbines

The National Composites Centre (NCC) in the UK has begun the second part of a £5m project to research incorporating new composite-based components in the next-generation of offshore wind turbines.

Composite Industry

High temperature composites

The National Composites Centre (NCC) and chemicals specialist Nexam Chemical say that they have successfully manufactured a composite using a high temperature resin.

Resins qualified for 3D printing

Airtech’s range of Dahltram resins can now be used on all AM Flexbot 3D printers supplied by thermoplastic composite specialist CEAD.

UK’s first molded FRP lock gates

ECS Engineering Services has installed what it says is the UK’s first ever set of molded fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) lock gates on the River Thames.

€4.9 million investment in composites R&D

Research center SAM|XL and Delft University of Technology have received €4.9 million funding to research and develop three composite projects.

Composite Industry

Call for research papers

SAMPE Europe has issued a call for technical papers for the SAMPE Europe 22 Conference, held from 15-17 November 2022 in Hamburg, Germany.

New R&D Centre in Leicester

Composite materials specialist Reactive Components has opened a new R& D center in Leicester, UK.