GRP grating installed at UK marina

Anti-slip glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) grating has been installed at a marina in Middlesex, UK.

The marina, which is on the Thames river, was recently shortlisted for an award. It features a new boat berth called ‘The Island’, with a large circular pontoon area made with a reinforced plastic mini mesh grating in sand color, according to Dura Composites.

According to the company, its GRP grating is strong and durable and the anti-slip surface has been tested to withstand even the wettest, oiliest and iciest conditions,. 

It is reportedly available in a range of thicknesses and mesh sizes, some with a Class B fire rating, and with a non-corrosive surface.

“We chose the composite Dura Grating for this project for a number of reasons, mainly the safety, low maintenance and aesthetic aspects,” said Lisa Harris, marina manager. “Historically, we have spent a lot of time replacing wooden deck boards which we no longer have to do with this product.”