Fiber reinforced polyamide for high temp

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Ultramid B3PG6 BK23238 is suitable for the high-temperature range.
Ultramid B3PG6 BK23238 is suitable for the high-temperature range.

BASF has developed a new heat-stabilized version of its Ultramid glass fiber range, suitable for high-temperature applications.

Its B3PG6 BK23238 material has heat resistance up to 190°C and can be used in automotive applications, the company said. It can also prevent galvanic corrosion on electrical components due to its halogenide and metal-free stabilization, having a halogenide content of <50ppm).

The 30% glass fibers polyamide also has improved thermal aging performance, as well as vibration and hot gas welding properties, BASF said.

‘The developed material with the innovative P-stabilization can not only be used in conventional environments, but is also suitable for electronic applications, such as in electric vehicles,’ said Andreas Stockheim, segment marketing manager at BASF. ‘The material convinces with significantly improved aging properties than existing PA6 GF30 systems, which are currently available on the market.’

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