Ceramic reinforced resin now available for 3D printing

Zortrax says that a ceramic reinforced resin is now suitable for printing on one of its plastic additive manufacturing (AM) machines.

According to Zortrax, the material has Shore D hardness up to 96 and stiffness up to 10 GPa, and is resistant to temperatures up to 280⁰C. It also has a stable particle dispersion and low viscosity which makes it easier to handle and print with. Parts 3D printed and post-processed by the company reportedly feature the characteristics of ceramics, without the need to use special furnaces.  

Despite the high content of ceramic particles, the resin has low viscosity and its sedimentation in the vat is limited, according to Artur Chendoszko, resin technology manager.

Parts are suitable for industries including aerospace, automotive, robotics, electronics, metallurgy, energy production and chemical.