Reinforced 3D printing filament

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3D printing company Essentium Inc has launched a carbon fiber reinforced polyester filament for additive manufacturing (AM).

Essentium PET-CF is 15% carbon fiber reinforced polyester filament made with Lehvoss’s Luvocom 3F resin. According to the company, it is easy to print and offers both stiffness and strength and chemical resistance for common solvents. When annealed, it has a temperature resistance of more than 155°C.

The company has also developed TPU 58D-AS, an electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe and anti-static thermoplastic polyurethane filament and Essentium 9085, made with Sabic’s ULTEM 9085 resin.

’Together with our partners, we have the science, compounds, and innovation to drive a step-change in polymer advancement, enabling manufacturers to use AM for applications never imagined before,’ said Brandon Sweeney, Head of R&D and co-founder of Essentium.

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