Composite 3D printing simulation

Markforged says that it has added new simulation features to its additive manufacturing (AM) software.

With the additional features, users can validate part strength and stiffness by identifying anchor and load surfaces and then entering values for loads, factor of safety and maximum deflection, the company said. They can then improve parts by automatically determining print settings for floors, walls, infill and fiber reinforcement to achieve print cost and speed goals while maintaining adequate strength.

The software was recently used to make a continuous carbon fiber reinforced steering wheel for drag racer Josette Roach which has a bespoke smaller size and is reportedly strong enough to replace aluminum.

“Simulation enables our customers to adopt The Digital Forge deeper into their manufacturing operations by replacing more mission critical tooling and end-use metal parts with validated and optimised 3D printed advanced composite parts with continuous fiber reinforcement,” said Shai Terem, President and CEO of Markforged.

The features are available as a free trial until April 2023 and accessible through a paid subscription thereafter, according to the company.