Reichhold opens new plant in China

The facility has a planned annual production capacity of 38 000 tonnes but with a potential expansion to 60 000 tonnes.

The plant will produce a range of Reichhold composites products, including unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, gel-coats and bonding pastes. Applications for these products are found in the wind power, high performance anti-corrosion, marine, high speed train, industrial construction, and electronics and electrical industries.

The market in China is very important to Reichhold, confirms John Gaither, Chairman, president and CEO, Reichhold Industries Inc, headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA.

“It is the largest composites market in the world and is growing rapidly," he explains. "Many of our global customers have a Chinese presence and need from Reichhold the same products available in China as elsewhere in the world."

"China is deeply committed to wind energy and, as the leading supplier of polyester resins for wind mill blades, Reichhold needs to be able to supply locally our innovative resins,” he adds.