PlastiComp expands long carbon fiber production

PlastiComp Inc, which supplies long fiber thermoplastic materials, has completed installation of an additional pultrusion line which makes long carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite pellets at its Winona, Minnosota, location.

The firm brought its initial production line for producing long carbon fiber composite pellets online in 2014 and operates four other pultrusion lines to manufacture its long glass fiber products.

‘In recent years we have experienced continuous growth in demand for our long carbon fiber reinforced composite materials,’ said Eric Wollan, vice president and chief operating officer at PlastiComp. ‘This additional, higher volume carbon fiber pultrusion line will triple PlastiComp’s capacity for producing long carbon fiber products.’

‘From a pultrusion perspective, carbon fiber’s small filament diameter and conductivity makes it a little more challenging to manufacture composite pellets than other types of fiber,’ he added. ‘Using our specialized equipment, PlastiComp is able to completely melt impregnate continuous tows of carbon fiber with 12,000 to 50,000 filaments.’

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