Owens Corning OptiSpray roving available globally

Owens Corning says OptiSpray rovings provide optimum wetting for good surface finish and mechanical strength in the finished product.

The family includes OptiSpray, OptiSpray H and OptiSpray F.

“This family of products is made with Owens Corning’s patented Advantex® glass fibre which combines the electrical and mechanical properties of traditional E-glass with the corrosion resistance of EC-R glass,” explains Dr Ashish Diwanji, Owens Corning vice president, innovations.

“OptiSpray rovings are designed to provide optimal processing and performance for spray-up applications in a wide range of mould shapes and resin systems.”

“OptiSpray solutions improve manufacturing efficiency with less down time and potentially lower resin consumption,” adds Diwanji.

OptiSpray rovings are reported to deliver performance benefits such as

  • easy chopping, rolling and air release;
  • flat lay down and uniform dispersion;
  • excellent conformability without spring back;
  • optimal resin consumption; and
  • excellent performance in vertical parts.