Owens Corning launches roving for fabrics and prepregs

The roving will be available globally and is made from Owens Corning's Advantex® E-CR glass fibre reinforcement that meets ASTM D578, ISO 2078 and DIN1259-1 standards.

“SE1550 roving is designed for applications such as woven, knitted and multiaxial fabrics or prepregs where enhanced mechanical properties including fatigue performance are required for all resin systems,” says Eric Carlier, Owens Corning Global Product Leader for Type 30.

“Our advanced sizing and chemical binding technology makes the roving compatible and well-suited for use in unsaturated polyesters, vinyl esters and epoxy resins.”

Owens Corning say that this technology was optimised for use by weavers to improve productivity by minimising the changeovers required as they manufacture fabrics for use in multiple resin systems.

Owens Corning claims that fabrics manufactured using SE1550 roving provide superior mechanical performance in major thermoset resin systems and excellent performance retention after exposure to moisture. These properties are beneficial in end-use markets like marine, water pipe and other consumer and industrial applications.

Other benefits of SE1550 roving are said to include processing with low-fuzz, less clean-up and reduced glass waste. The high-quality fabrics produced can shorten cycle times, provide high resin pick-up and improve part aesthetics. Owens Corning (NYSE: OC), headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, USA, is a global producer of residential and commercial building materials, glass fibre reinforcements and engineered materials for composite systems.