Mikrosam opens Institute for Advanced Composites and Robotics

The 1500 m2 Institute is equipped with a laboratory for testing of different control and automation systems, teaching rooms and a laboratory with an automated fibre placement machine, a six-axis filament winding machine, prepreg making equipment and two slit tape prepreg machines.

“We have lines for production of prepreg (tow and slit-tape), and equipment for designing and manufacturing of composites structure using FW, ATL and AFP technologies," says Dragan Veljanoski, Director of the IACR.

"Next we are planning to obtain verification equipment, and with that equipment probably we will became a top research centre in Europe in terms of equipment. So, today we mostly invest in creating of high-skilled staff, which together with the equipment available, can generate the advanced technological development of our country.”

The Institute has already established cooperations with several R&D centres in the European Union, Russia and China. It has also agreed to perform the development of the new products and testing of new technologies for a number of partners.

The Institute offers postgraduate studies, divided in two modules – one for composite materials and one for robotics. Our students are able to obtain practical experience on numerous Mikrosam’s projects.