Robotic solutions for composites

Composite manufacturer Mikrosam, based in Macedonia, plans to exhibit its range of robotic solutions for composites at JEC.

The company’s Tauris, Libra and Discovery automated fiber placement (AFP) and automated tape-laying (ATL) machines can provide multi-material and bi-directional placement processes, the company said.

Taurus is suitable for making large aerospace flying composite parts, and provides high lay down rates with up to 6 ms diameter and 30 m length, while Libra is capable of producing composite parts with a diameter of up to 2.5 m and 12 m long, using 8-tow AFP head or thermoplastic ATL head. It is suitable for making large sized flat or countered composites.

Discovery is suitable for developing production concepts and demonstrating feasibility by prototyping. It features either a four tow AFP or ATL head, and is intended for production of smaller composite parts with 1 m diameter and 2 ms length.

All three machines can be customized and are compatible with thermoplastic, thermoset and dry fibers layup placement processes.

At the Mikrosam booth the company is showing an integrated AFP & FW work cell which can reduce time taken in transferring the product from one machine (FW process) to another (AFP process).

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