METYX Composites adds to its kitting capabilities

The LEDA facility in Mondavio was one of the leading kitting operations in Europe until the recession. The facility was equipped with automated lines for foam and reinforcements kits.

The LEDA machine facility will complement METYX Composites recent investment in a kitting centre in Manisa, Turkey, increasing its capacity and diversifying its product and service offerings.

ACT Group, established in 1996, was among the first companies in Europe to use vacuum infusion technology in the production of large components. It was involved in many projects in marine and wind energy industries until the recent downturn in the marine industry in Italy. “We have had a long history of cooperation with both LEDA and ACT management," explains Ugur Ustunel, Co-Director, METYX Composites.

"Although we lament the economic factors that affected the marine industry in the region, we gladly welcomed the opportunity to bid on LEDA and ACT assets during the liquidation process so that we can expand on their groundbreaking work. Our engineers worked together with LEDA and ACT engineering teams to complete the transfer of their assets to our new facility in Manisa, Turkey.”

The new machinery and equipment is expected to be up and running at METYX's Manisa facility in the autumn.

"The acquisition of ACT Group assets in particular will help us diversify our product offerings for the wind energy sector where we have devoted great energy and resources in recent years,” Ustunel adds.

METYX Composites, a division of Telateks A.S.®, is a manufacturer of technical textiles, including multiaxial reinforcements, and vacuum bagging products. 

METYX Composites Tooling Center (MCTC) and METYX Composites Kitting Center (MCKC) are the company’s two newest divisions.