METYX Composites expands headquarters

The expansion is taking place in three parts. The first phase involved the construction of an additional warehousing facility, which was completed at the end of 2007. The second part was the purchase of land adjacent to the company's existing 22 000 m2 headquarters. METYX plans to use the land for another larger facility, which is the third part to the expansion plan. The new facility will be a two-story, 8000 m2 building and is scheduled for construction in 2009. It will house additional production lines, warehousing, offices, and laboratories. It will also include a dedicated space with tight environmental control for the production of carbon reinforcements.

“Our factory expansion in 2005 was built to meet requirements for projected growth through 2010," says Erol Ustunel, President, METYX Composites, Telateks AS. "However, in 2007 we came to the happy realisation that our growth had exceeded our projections. We will continue to expand our headquarters as a result.”