METYX Composites invests in kitting

PVC foam being machined in MCKC’s 3 Axis Router.
PVC foam being machined in MCKC’s 3 Axis Router.

The Kitting Center will serve METYX wind energy and marine customers, as well as other large industrial clients within Turkey and the European Union.

The initial investment in this business unit totals €1.4 million in machinery and equipment.

MCKC will be fully staffed and operational in April 2012.

“We worked with some of the world’s most preeminent consultants in this area to ensure selection of the finest machinery and equipment available," says Ugur Ustunel, Co-Director of METYX Composites.

"We also put great emphasis on the implementation of quality assurance systems and traceability requirements for key industrial accounts."

METYX Composites is a manufacturer of high-performance technical textiles, including multiaxial reinforcements. The company also provides tooling services, consulting services and technical training.