Materials group appoints new chair

Composites UK says that the MD of Bufa Composites, Eddie Putwain, is the new chair of its material suppliers sub-group.

He replaces Polynt UK’s Martin Wright in this role, who steps down after 10 years.

According to Composites UK, the sub-group was formed for suppliers and users of resins and fiber to exchange ideas about trends and legislation surrounding raw materials in the UK and Europe. It has around 30 members.

 “In my 10 years chairing the Composites UK Material Suppliers Sub-Group I have seen huge changes both in Composites UK and the Group but also in our industry,” said Wright. “Throughout this time, the supply of vital raw materials has grown in importance with every year. Where previously we had considered a periodic short-term European shortage of one product; we are now dealing with global shortages and supply chain restrictions. The importance of long-term sustainability has increased as our industry considers not only bio-sourced intermediates but a move towards a supply chain that is once again more local and less global. In the UK we see increasing legislation controlling the substances that we use and a much-reduced manual workforce: both factors pushing our sector towards more automation and new production techniques. Brexit has bought its own special set of challenges; especially for the resin and glass sectors with no basic intermediate product currently produced here, a situation I very much hope to see change for the better in the future.

“As the world faces another period of extreme instability it is encouraging to see the optimistic forecasts for the composite sector; with our close involvement in lightweight transport, wind and solar energy generation and our contribution to the construction of carbon neutral housing ready for the next century. I will very much miss the group and my close links to the UK market but look forward to my new, European challenges and am very comfortable to leave the group in the safe hands of Eddie.”

Putwain has over 30 years of experience in the UK composites industry, including working site manager for DSM/Euroresins for eight years. He has been MD of Bufa’s UK operation since 2020.

“The Composites UK Material Suppliers Sub-Group is an independent and trusted conduit of independent market information which proves invaluable to its members,” he said. “Particularly in the last turbulent years, the continuity of this service extended to our members and the wider industry, providing tangible insights into the developing market, its threats, opportunities and challenges.”