Interplastic launches corrosion resins

CORVE8480N is a non-promoted, fire resistant, epoxy novolac-based vinyl ester resin. It is designed to withstand high temperatures and has excellent corrosion and fire retardant performance. Applications include stack lining, tanks, ducts, pipes and fittings. It also meets many requirements for low hazardous air pollutant (HAP) content.

CORVE8440 is a non-promoted, fire resistant, vinyl ester that can be used to make composites used in applications such as stack lining, tanks, ducts, fittings, and marine mufflers. The resin has an ASTM E84 (Surface Burning of Building Materials) tunnel test rating of less than 25 (Class 1, the highest category) with the addition of 1.5% antimony trioxide, and less than 75 (Class 2) without additives.

CORVE8400, a non-promoted vinyl ester resin, has a flame spread rating for Class 1 of less than 25 per ASTM E84 tunnel test without additives. The laminate is clear and easy to inspect for entrapped voids. CORVE8400 meets requirements for low HAP content and is suitable for stack lining, tanks, pipes, and process equipment. It is USA EPA MACT compliant for corrosion resins (40% maximum styrene).

CORVE8441M-AT is a promoted, fire retardant, vinyl ester containing antimony pentoxide to enhance fire resistance. According to the ASTM E84 tunnel test, it has a Class 1 flame spread rating of less than 25 without further additives. This product can be used in applications in the corrosion, transportation, construction and fire resistant engineered products markets. It is reported to be easily applied in spray-up, hand lay-up, and filament winding operations.