Ashland launches Derakane resin for premium infrastructure market

“Derakane 610C-200 resin is getting a lot of attention from architects and engineers in the premium infrastructure market,” reports Thom Johnson, industry manager for Ashland Performance Materials. “It delivers good fire-resistant properties with superior mechanical performance."

"Best of all, civil engineers and fabricators can access these features without having to absorb the typical costs associated with premium corrosion-resistant vinyl ester resins.”

Derakane 610C-200 is specifically designed for infrastructure applications that benefit from the superior mechanical properties afforded by composites made from epoxy vinyl ester resins yet also require a level of fire resistance. It is especially useful in applications such as bridges, columns and beams, but not premium corrosion applications.

Infused parts made with Derakane 610C-200 resin have achieved Class II flame spread results as measured by ASTM E-84 testing protocols.

The resin is part of a new generation of epoxy vinyl ester products that Ashland is designing to meet the needs of emerging infrastructure markets within the fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) industry.