Ashland focuses on sustainability at China Composites Expo 2011

“We put sustainability at the core of our business strategy,” says Baochang Zhang, commercial director, Asia Pacific, Ashland Performance Materials.

“Products with higher performance are increasingly demanded by a variety of markets in Asia Pacific, especially in China. Ashland products are proven to withstand tough environments over extended periods, and this level of performance contributes to a more sustainable world by reducing waste.”

Visitors to Ashland’s booth at China Composites Expo can learn more about the following products available to the composites industry:

  • Derakane™ and Hetron™ epoxy vinyl ester resins have been used for decades for corrosion resistant applications in mineral processing and other harsh environment. Research has proven that these products outperform stainless steel and rubber lined steel in terms of durability and cost. They are also the ideal for flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) systems;
  • Aropol™ and Envirez™ unsaturated polyester resins make high-performance wind turbine composite parts including blades and nacelles possible; and
  • Maxguard™ and Enguard™ gel-coats deliver outstanding cosmetic properties, while Pliogrip™ structural adhesives enable composite bonding in automotive assembly, boat manufacturing and wind turbine blade applications.

There will also be two Ashland seminars. Topics will include Derakane Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin FRP in the Mining Industry and Ashland Solutions for Wind Energy.

China Composites Expo 2011 will take place at the Shanghai World Exhibition and Convention Centre on 7-9 September.