Clariant launches halogen-free flame retardants for epoxy resins

Clariant has launched its new Exolit® EP halogen-free flame retardants for epoxy resins.
Clariant has launched its new Exolit® EP halogen-free flame retardants for epoxy resins.

Currently available as samples, Exolit EP 150 and EP 200 are reactive phosphorus-based flame retardants reported to provide highly-effective fire protection at low dosage levels for epoxy thermosets and laminates.

“Clariant is committed to support the increasing need for safe fire protection based on environmentally-compatible and sustainable solutions," says Adrian Beard, head of flame retardants marketing, Clariant.

"We see exciting potential for the new efficiency-boosting Exolit EP within the transport and construction sectors, in addition to the E&E sector, and we have already begun the up-scaling process for commercial production in line with this.”

The Exolit EP grades have high phosphorus contents of 25% and 29% respectively, which means only a low dosage of flame retardant is required to reach the desired fire protection protection level. Their performance is proven in electrical and electronics (E&E) applications, where UL 94 V0 fire ratings can be achieved at a loading of only 50% of conventional flame retardants, Clariant reports.

Clariant notes that Exolit EP 150 and EP 200 flame retardant do not migrate out of the resin material; they bind with the polymer and ensure minimal impact on material properties. Processing and handling are also made easier because the flame retardant becomes part of the resin.

Exolit EP 150 is a low viscosity liquid, which makes it suitable as a flame retardant for infusion processes. The liquid format is of particular importance for large composite parts such as components for aircraft or ships, where the ability to flow evenly across a large distance without separating from the glass or carbon fibre, is critical for effective, long-term performance.

Exolit EP 200 is available in solid form.