Focus on Composites Europe 2015

The organizers of Composites Europe 2015 have set out the themes for this year’s show, which takes place from 22–24 September in Stuttgart, Germany.

These include automation for serial production and new light construction concepts, material repairs of fiber-reinforced plastic components, potential biologically based materials and basalt fibers.

The show will welcome 11,000 light construction experts, from automobile construction, air travel, mechanical construction, boat construction, wind energy and the construction sector. National pavilions from Italy, the Netherlands, France, China and the USA, the partner country of Composites Europe this year, will be on show.

According to Reed Exhibitions, the greatest challenge for the industry remains the development and optimization of mass-production manufacturing and the processing of composite components and at Composites Europe, the industry will show the appropriate production and processing procedures, material innovations and current light construction projects.

Visitors enjoying last year's show in Dusseldorf.
Visitors enjoying last year's show in Dusseldorf.

Natural fibers

The show also features a bio-based’ pavilion, covering the use of wood and natural fibers such as cotton, flax fibers, hemp, jute and kenaf. More than 20 businesses will exhibit their bio-related products at the fair, ranging from plastic materials made from meadow grass through to flax fleece and reinforced volcanic rock filaments.  At one community stand, 28 businesses and research institutes from all over Germany will expose the potential of basalt fibers.

The highlight for Composites Europe 2015 is the 1st International Composites Congress (ICC), which takes place 21–22 September. The congress replaces the previous AVK conference and in the future will be organised by the Trade Association of Composites Germany as a prelude to the fair. The conference documents the innovations in the area of fiber-reinforced plastics.

The event will also feature the bio!CAR conference, with a focus on biologically based materials in automobile construction.

Reed Exhibitions also plan to focus on the aerospace market segment, including defense.  With a combined demand of 13,900 tonnes, aerospace and defense have reportedly merged as the largest purchasers of carbon fibers. Using only about 30% of the 46,500 tonnes consumed globally, the industry generates 50% of worldwide turnover.

Wind energy

Composites Europe 2015 is also dedicating a theme day to the wind energy industry. On Thursday 24 September, the trade fair will host a wind energy forum and a special themed tour focusing on the construction of wind power plants. In the fair's lecture forum, exhibitors and industry experts will report on various challenges and solutions focused on the industry.

This story is reprinted from material from Reed, with editorial changes made by Materials Today. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of Elsevier.