Foam core could reduce resin infusion cost

Infused PET standard PET foam 100 kg (left) versus AIREX T92 SealX (right).
Infused PET standard PET foam 100 kg (left) versus AIREX T92 SealX (right).

3A Composites Core Materials says that the resin uptake analysis on a 6500 kg hybrid core wind blade showed that its AIREX T92.100 SealX core significantly reduced cost and time when compared to standard PET foam core.

The analysis was conducted in a real production of the hybrid core blade, where 3A’s material and standard PET foam core were compared in shear web and shell infusion. The blade total core was 151 m2 and weighed 342 kg, while the shear web was 100% PET core, and the shells hybrid.

Using AIREX T92.100 SealX the total resin saving was more than 3%, equivalent to 57kg less weight in comparison with the standard PET core, according to 3A. The material was applied in 57 m2 and saved 1 kg/m2 with a core weight reduction of 29% and a coating surface savings in total of$3/m2. The total blade weight saving was 1%, 3A says. Infusion time was even reduced due to resin saving and resin flow speed over the AIREX T92.100 SealX surface.

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