Dow Polyurethanes introduces toughened epoxy binder

“VORASPEC™ 58 Toughened Epoxy Binder was developed to help formulators increase the performance of their systems,” says Nathan Wilmot, marketing manager of elastomers, coatings and composites for Dow Polyurethanes. “The benefits of this new epoxy toughener can help enhance the mechanical performance, durability, and low temperature properties of epoxy systems for a variety of industrial and infrastructure applications. When high resistance to impact or abrasion is essential, VORASPEC 58 can improve performance against environmental or handling conditions that might damage traditional materials.”

Dow Polyurethanes adds that epoxies are well recognised in the industry for providing excellent strength, adhesion, and chemical resistance. The company says that VORASPEC 58 Toughened Epoxy Binder builds on these performance properties while enabling improved flexibility and resistance to impact and abrasion. VORASPEC 58 is a patent-pending, reactive toughener system that can be used in a variety of formulations for coatings, adhesives, composites and other applications.

According to Dow, the modified polyether technology adds a new tool to its portfolio, offering low temperature performance, low viscosity for easy processing, and good reactivity with no by-products formed during cure. VORASPEC 58 Toughened Epoxy Binder also offers cure time tunability – from minutes to hours. A wide mechanical property range can be achieved; systems can be formulated to have a hardness range from 50 A to >70 D.

“The features of VORASPEC 58 provide our customers with an easy-to-use component to design a wide range of systems to meet rigorous needs of asset owners and end-users who expect robust products that offer long lifetimes and excellent durability under a variety of use conditions,” explains Wilmot.