Dow introduces COMPAXX wind blade core material

COMPAXX 700 is the first in a line of new core materials designed to help extend blade life through the creation of high performance sandwich composites.

According to Dow, extensive sandwich panel fatigue testing following the latest Germanische Lloyd (GL) requirements showed COMPAXX 700 exhibits long-term dynamic behaviour and shear strength properties, yielding lightweight composites with excellent mechanical strength and fatigue resistance.

These properties, coupled with peel strength about three times higher than the historical reference of core material polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 60 kg/m3, are said to create the core-to-skin bond necessary to achieve blade durability.

In addition, COMPAXX 700 offers a high run-to-run consistency leading to predictable mechanical properties that structural engineers can use to create more precise blades.

“The COMPAXX™ 700 foam core, AIRSTONE™ epoxy systems, and our ongoing innovations and capital investments reflect Dow’s strong commitment to meeting the needs of the global wind power market with industry leading technology, reliable product supply, and consistent high quality,” reports Jean Luc Guillaume, Global Business Leader for Wind Energy Systems for Dow Formulated Systems.

COMPAXX 700 is now available globally in commercial volumes.

Dow Formulated Systems is a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: Dow).