Dow introduces composite products at Wind Power Asia

COMPAXX™ Foam is a core material for use in the manufacture of composite wind turbine blades. According to Dow Formulated Systems, when blade design conditions allow, COMPAXX Foams can effectively replace polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foams, reducing production costs while improving the mechanical performance of the blades.

AIRSTONE™ Latent Mold Building Systems comprise the new AIRSTONE 715H Hardener and AIRSTONE 329E and 710E Epoxy Resins. Designed to provide long pot-life and very low exotherm characteristics these systems are said to that allow easier, faster and more robust mould production using both infusion and prepreg moulding processes.

Wind Power Asia 2010 takes place on 23-25 June in Beijing, China.

Dow Formulated Systems started supplying AIRSTONE Systems from its new facility in Tianjin, China, in April.

“The Tianjin bulk facility is a new investment tailored to provide customers in China with local supply and fast local delivery, consistent product quality and high service standard,” reports Kenneth Chan, Asia Pacific Commercial Director for the Alternative Energy & Composites business of Dow Formulated Systems. “The Tianjin bulk facility complements our manufacturing plant in Wuhan which offers full range of products for the wind industry, including adhesives, hand-wet layup, and infusion systems.”

“With the Wuhan manufacturing plant, Tianjin logistic hub and the Shanghai warehouse in place, coupled with our wind service and support team in the Dow Shanghai Center, we are well positioned to support and to grow with customers in the region,” he adds.

Dow Formulated Systems is a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company.