Closed Mold Alliance launches website

The website will offer:

  • closed moulding information;
  • educational opportunities;
  • access to expert consultation; and
  • closed mould specific products.

The site will also provide links to the Alliance member websites where more information can be found on composites manufacturing, materials, equipment, and tooling.

The Closed Mold Alliance is made up of four companies:

  • Composites One, a North American distributor of composite materials;
  • Magnum Venus Plastech (MVP), a US-headquartered manufacturer of meter/mix equipment for the composites industry and RTM (resin transfer moulding) specialist;
  • RTM North, a North American Light RTM tooling expert; and
  • FormaShape, a division of Whitewater Composites, Canada, and a composites product manufacturing using RTM.