COMPOSITES EUROPE 2013: Industry challenges (5)

A picture from a recent MVP training class in Italy: building the membrane.
A picture from a recent MVP training class in Italy: building the membrane.

Susan Murphy, Communications Specialist, MVP, says:

Legislation would seem to be one of the biggest challenges facing the Industry today, as it touches the industry in several different ways.

In the US, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has made a preliminary decision, based on very little evidence, that styrene is a carcinogen. MVP feels very strongly that there is a large amount of evidence to the contrary, and MVP CEO Tom Hedger has been working very closely with the ACMA on presenting the facts to members of the US Congress. It is our hope that enough members of Congress will take up the cause, and that the ruling will be overturned.

Tied into the tightening of legislation around the world with regard to styrene emissions, is the industry has been forced to move away from open moulding, and look at new techniques to make their products without breaking the budget. While there are the tried and true closed moulding processes (RTM, LRTM), the changeover to this process can be time consuming and expensive.

... it is unlikely that those governments looking to tighten regulations on styrene are likely to back down, ... 

That said, it is unlikely that those governments looking to tighten regulations on styrene are likely to back down, so composites manufacturers will need to look to alternate methods.

Closed moulding

Seeing the decision from HHS on the horizon, MVP made the decision to develop a cost-effective closed mould process that would make it simple for composites manufacturers to make the change over to closed moulding with a minimal amount of time and money.

Research showed that a system using a reusable membrane would allow the greatest flexibility with the best return on investment. Flex Molding Process was the result, and since its release in 2007, it has allowed hundreds of customers around the world to take their production from open to closed moulding in just a few days.

Flex Molding Process is more than just a membrane. It is a comprehensive system that incorporates a silicone system for making the reusable membranes, an injection system with integrated ancillaries, and expert consultation and training.

This combination is unique to MVP, and gives the manufacturer the true transfer of technology they need to bring this method to their production in a very short period of time. And, with the significant decrease in styrene emissions afforded through closed moulding, Flex Molding Process is an ideal tool to quickly meet government compliance.

COMPOSITES EUROPE 2013 highlights

Magnum Venus Plastech is very proud to once again partner with their distributor for Germany and The Netherlands CT Platon BV/GmbH, and in their booth (4/B37) will be several MVP systems covering multiple applications from open to closed moulding, and they will also conduct live demonstrations of Flex Molding Process multiple times over the course of the exhibition.

These demonstrations, conducted by MVP RTM/Infusion Technical Specialist Charles Tur will show the full infusion process using the Patriot™ Innovator Injection System with a reusable silicone membrane, and will detail how the integrated ancillaries and seals make the process even more precise.

In addition to the CT Platon booth, the Magnum Venus Plastech Advanced Equipment Division will be in booth 6/A33 to answer any questions customers may have on the extensive line of filament winders, flat panel systems and Impregnators offered by MVP.  

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