Barrday Composite Solutions to display new products at Aircraft Interiors Expo

Barrday phenolic prepreg for aircraft interiors.
Barrday phenolic prepreg for aircraft interiors.

Barrday Composite Solutions (formerly Lewcott Corporation) says the prepregs are suitable for various applications, including crew and passenger compartments, seating, galleys, stowage bins, and partitions/panels.

Barrday highlights its new LC294 and LC296 family of high performance interior prepregs, which provide a low OSU heat release, combined with low smoke, self extinguishing, and excellent self adhesive properties and surface finish. In addition, LC296 is a snap cure (10-17 minutes at 265-280°F/130-138°C), toughened, phenolic based prepreg system.

The new prepregs have already been qualified at a major manufacturer of interior components; others are in process.

Barrday will also display its fire resistant epoxy formulations. These formulations are self adhesive to aramid and aluminium honeycombs, are self extinguishing, and pass the 60 second vertical burn test as listed in FAR 25.853.

George Geisendorfer, Senior Aerospace Formulator at Barrday, says the company is very proud of its new line of phenolic based prepregs for interior applications.

"We have worked very hard over the past year to develop the new LC294 and LC296 family of products. These materials provide a unique combination of properties including an extremely low heat release allowing designers much more freedom to use exotic decoratives and surface finishes while still meeting FAA requirements.”

Barrday Composite Solutions is located in Millbury, Massachusetts, USA.

The Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas takes place in Seattle, Washington, USA, on 12-14 September 2011, showcasing airline interior design and airline cabin systems engineering.