AGY introduces 99 GPa tensile modulus glass fibre

Called S-3 UHM™ glass, this ultra-high modulus material was developed using AGY’s advanced Modular Direct Melt (MDM) production technology and utilises a unique formulation of S-Glass raw materials to develop the mechanical properties.

“The creation of our improved fibre manufacturing technology coupled with an in-depth understanding of the constituent chemistries enabled us to develop this new material which increases the tensile modulus by 40% above that of traditional E-Glass fibres,” reports Drew Walker, president of AGY, Aiken, South Carolina, USA.

“It is an exciting opportunity for our customers,” he adds. “It brings a new level of tensile modulus to the arena of glass fibre without losing any of the unique properties that glass brings as a component of composites such as electrical and thermal insulation, and high impact absorption and low coloration of the resin system.”

S-3 UHM is available in a range of different formats including yarns, rovings and chopped fibres.