AGY expands sizing selection

AGY, a producer of glass fibre yarns and high-strength glass fibre reinforcements, says the new products have been developed in response industry interest in AGY’s initial sizings introduction in 2012.

The new sizings are available in a range of fibre diameters and formats, including high temperature resin systems such as PEEK, PEKK, PEI and PPS, as well as engineering resins such as PA 6, PA6.6, PA11, PA12, PC and PBT.

Sizings can be supplied on S-2 Glass® and E-glass yarns, ZenTron® rovings, and S-2 Glass® assembled rovings. They can also be supplied as chopped fibres in a variety of lengths.

“These products have been shown to increase performance over traditional E-glass formulation but also in formulations with other high performance glass fibres,” reports Drew Walker, President of AGY.

“And with our advantage in flexible manufacture we have been able to tailor solutions to the customers’ requirements both in terms of resin system and product formats.”