3A Composites and STRUCTeam help boat builders develop new designs

The software provides a bill of materials and weight estimate compliant with both ISO 12215 Category A and ABS guidelines. This will help boat builders and designers conduct rapid feasibility studies that reduce the cost and complexity of their designs.

“Decreasing the cost and complexity of structural design without impacting on performance are key drivers behind the development of new boats,” explains STRUCTeam's managing director Julien Sellier.

“We input the basic dimensions of a motor or sailing yacht between 25 ft and 70 ft plus the designer’s preferred build technology into our software solution. The output is a rapid first calculation of the bill of materials.”

The service is tailored to the marine industry’s needs and it incorporates the primary technologies used in boat building. Designers can choose composites technologies including glass or carbon fibre, and 3A Composites’ product range of balsa, PVC or PET foam core materials.

3A Composites Core Materials and STRUCTeam are inviting boat builders and designers to contact them with their project details, principal dimensions and intended build technology.