3A Composites and WINDnovation join forces to develop improved wind turbine blade designs

3A Composites Core Materials, headquartered in Switzerland, produces the AIREX® foam and BALTEK® balsa wood core materials. WINDnovation, based in Germany, has developed more than 70 rotor blades for all terrains and wind conditions in over 20 countries since 2008.

To assure a continued market success, the wind energy market needs some significant, value-adding innovations. Our cooperation with WINDnovation aims to take out both cost and weight from current blade design.
Roman Thomassin, CEO, 3A Composites Core Materials

Through this collaboration 3A Composites and WINDnovation intend to further improve rotor blade design. Their first goals will be the optimised design of large blades as well as extremely long blades for low wind regimes.

“Together with the core material leader 3A Composites, we are perfectly positioned to bring about the next step change in sandwich design for rotor blades," says Roland Stoer, Managing Director of WINDnovation.