Thermally conductive compounds

Lanxess has added two new materials to its Durethan TC range of thermally conductive polyamide compounds.

The two polyamide 6 compounds will be available under the names Durethan BTC67ZH3.0EF (currently available as Durethan TP430-004) and Durethan BTC77ZH3.0EF (currently available as Durethan TP430-003).

‘Both plastics are characterized by their significantly higher impact resistance and greater strain capability in tensile and bending tests than the other materials in our TC product range,’ said Dr Elisabeth Gau, a Durethan product development expert at Lanxess.

According to the company, the compounds are filled with 67% or 7% by weight inorganic, functional filler with high thermal conductivity. Their thermal conductivity is nearly isotropic of 1.1 or 1.8 watts per meter and Kelvin (Nanoflash process) in the direction of flow, Lanxess says.

They have improved flow due to their high filler content (EasyFlow) and elongation at break, says Gau.

Potential applications include connectors with snap fits, heat sinks, heat exchangers and mounting plates for electronic components.

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