Lanxess raises prices for compounds

Lanxess says that it has increased the prices of its engineering plastics with immediate effect.

The increase for individual products is:

  • Durethan A (polyamide 6.6) unreinforced + EUR 0.80/kg, reinforced + EUR 0.70/kg
  • Durethan B (polyamide 6) unreinforced + EUR 0.50/kg, reinforced + EUR 0.40/kg
  • Pocan (polybutylene terephthalate, blends) unreinforced + EUR 0.80/kg, reinforced + EUR 0.70/kg

‘The increase is unavoidable as the costs for raw materials, logistics and energy have once again raised significantly and − for the most part − exceed the levels that existed prior to the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, Lanxess said.

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