Lanxess launches new materials at Fakuma

Lanxess launches new materials at Fakuma

Chemicals company Lanxess is launching a range of new materials for structural lightweight construction, LED lighting technology, electrical and electronic applications and exterior body panel applications at this year’s Fakuma, which takes place from 13–17 October 2015, in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

The new materials include multi-axially reinforced versions of the Tepex dynalite thermoplastic high-performance composites. In these semi-finished composites, also known as composite sheets, the individual layers of continuous fiber can be arranged not only in the direction of production or perpendicular to it, as was previously possible, but at nearly any desired angle. This means that laminates can be built up with multi-axial reinforcement to precisely meet the specific load requirements of the component.

Cost effective

For LED lighting technology, Lanxess will be showcasing new reinforced polyamide 6 compounds from the Durethan brand at Fakuma. These compounds conduct heat while at the same time being electrically insulating. Their thermal conductivity lies between 0.8 and 3 W/mK. Possible applications include cooling elements that dissipate the heat generated by LEDs, preventing any decline in brightness or lifespan.

Among the materials for the electrical/electronics (E/E) industry are reinforced polyamide and PBT compounds and extremely easy-flowing PBT variants for the cost-effective production of thin-walled components.

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