Stronger carbon fiber composites

Xenia Materials has developed XeCarb ST, a range of thermoplastic carbon fiber composites which the company says provides “superior impact strength performance”.

XeCarb ST has higher notched impact resistance, low temperature ductility and tensile elongation at break when compared to Xenia’s XeCarn range. It also has slightly lower density.

XeCarb ST composites are based on polyamide (PA) 66, PA6, PA11, PA12, PA6.10, PA6.12 and PA4.10 with standard carbon fiber content of 30%. However, the PA6 composites are also available with 20%, 25%, 35% and 40% reinforcement, the company said. The range also includes two high-modulus materials.

“There is a growing demand for lightweight composites in various new markets, such as sustainable mobility and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), where we have identified a need for higher impact resistance than previously offered by carbon fiber reinforced composites,” said Cristian Zanchetta, technical manager for R&D at Xenia Materials.

The composites are also suitable for applications in sports equipment, appliances, supercars and additive manufacturing, he said.