High tensile carbon fiber

Korea-based Hyosung Advanced Materials has reportedly developed a range of carbon fiber which has a tensile strength 14 times that of steel.

According to the company, the material, which has a tensile strength of  6.4GPa and elasticity of 295GPa, can be used in hydrogen fuel tanks, electric cable core, PV thermal insulation and sports, as well as in aeronautics and defense to make aeroplane fuselage/parts and projectiles like satellites.

“The feat has made Korea the third country to develop ultra-high-tensile carbon fiber after the United States and Japan, and it will contribute greatly to the development of the country’s carbon fiber industry,” said Hyosung chairman Cho Hyun-joon.

“The development of the highly sophisticated material [...] means that those in the country have secured a stable supply network of materials that will serve as the basis for the growth of the country’s aeronautic and for joining the ranks of topnotch countries in the core technology of sophisticated carbon fiber,” added Bang Yoon-hyuk, director of the Korea Carbon Industry Promotion Agency 

The project to develop the carbon fiber began in August 2017 with help from the Korean Agency for Defense Development (ADD) and the Institute of Civil-Military Technology Cooperation (ICMTC) with investment from the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE).