Toray develops ultrahigh-strength carbon fiber

Toray Industries Inc has developed Torayca T1200 carbon fiber, which it says is the world’s highest strength at 1,160 kilopound per square inch (ksi).

Potential applications for Torayca T1200 include aircraft.
Potential applications for Torayca T1200 include aircraft. - Image © frank peters- Adobe Stock.

This new offering should help reduce environmental footprints by lightening carbon-fiber reinforced plastic materials. Potential applications range from sporting and leisure goods to aircraft.

With demand for high-strength carbon fibers rising, Toray set about refining its proprietary nanoscale structural control technology to design and achieve an internal structure with high toughness.

Applying this technology led Toray to create TORAYCA T1200, with a tensile strength of 8.0 gigapascals (or GPa, which is around 100 kilogram force per square millimeter). This is more than 10% higher than the 7.0 for Torayca T1100. Toray developed T1200 at a new facility within its Ehime Plant (in Masaki-cho, Ehime Prefecture) in Japan.

Toray began the commercial production of Torayca carbon fiber in 1971 at the Ehime Plant and diversified the application into compressed natural gas and high-pressure hydrogen tanks, automobiles, aircraft, and sporting equipment. In 1986, Toray developed Torayca T1000 and further expanded carbon fiber’s potential by commercializing Torayca T1100.

Toray says Torayca T1200 embodies its vision for balancing greenhouse gas emissions and absorption worldwide.