Phosphorus-based flame retardant

Lanxess has developed a non-halogen flame retardant suitable for glass fiber reinforced plastics.

Emerald Innovation NH 500 phosphorus-based additive can be used in parts for electrical and electronics applications, the company said.

In tests, a glass-fiber-filled polyamide (PA)66 formulated with the material passed the UL 94 fire standard with a V-0 classification at 0.8 mm test specimen thickness. In glow-wire testing, the highest intended glow-wire flammability Index (GWFI) of 960 °C was achieved without difficulty by a specimen of 3 mm thickness. The glow-wire ignition temperature (GWIT) was measured up to 875 °C which is higher than that of the reference (775 °C). The tests were carried out by safety company Underwriters Laboratories, based in the US.

According to Lanxess, NH 500 has improved thermal stability and a “unique” morphology.