Liquid form resins available

Hexcel has developed two new resins as part of its HiFlow range.

HiFlow HF610F-2 and HiFlow 1078-1 resins are delivered as two-component systems, with both components in liquid form. According to the company, the all-liquid format facilitates easier transportation, storage and handling of the resins, making it suitable for liquid composite molding (LCM) aerospace parts manufacturing. Both HiFlow HF610F-2 and HiFlow 1078-1 resins have been developed for continuous mixing processes and can be monitored by in-line mixing equipment due to their improved viscosity at process temperatures.

HiFlow HF610F-2 has been designed to reduce small/medium parts takt time with an isothermal injection at 180°C and full cure achieved after only 30 minutes at 180°C with no post-cure required, Hexcel said.

The company’s HiFlow materials are reportedly suitable for out-of-autoclave (OoA) processes such as infusion, resin tranfer molding (RTM) or compression RTM.