Lightweight core for high-speed boat

Diab says that its structural foam core material is being used to build the Mayla 44, an electric power boat that can reach speeds of more than 70 knots.

According to the company, 44 ft vessel has a carbon fiber full-sandwich composite structure which features Diab’s Divinycell HM 80 and 130 cores in a range of thicknesses for the deck, internal structure and the complete hull surface including the hull bottom. Epoxy prepregs supplied by UAE-based Notus Composites will be combined with a range of woven, stitched multiaxial and unidirectional carbon fiber reinforcements on either side of the foam cores, Diab says.

“We believe that truly sustainable yachts are only possible with radical weight reduction,” said Christopher Gelsdorf, co-founder of Mayla Yacht. “The lightweight prepreg carbon fibre sandwich construction we use for the Mayla 44 enables a hull weight of only 1.35T (versus more than 4T for traditional high-performance yachts) creating less resistance and less drag.”